My name is Ryan and I want to welcome you to my blog.

This is not my first attempt at blogging, but I hope to make a greater effort at posting on fairly regular basis. At the very least I’d like to post something about once  week, especially since I registered domain name. I tend to come up with something I want to post when I am out and about, but by the time I sit in front of my computer, I have forgotten what I wanted to say. I hope to make use of of my mobile phone so I can make a post as soon as something comes to me . Don’t worry I am not a driver, so that will not be an issue.  I guess time will tell where things go from here.

The subjects of this blog will vary as they tend to reflect the thoughts or issues that are on my mind. In fact I may share some of what  posted in past blogs.  Especially since these are things that still hold true for me today.

I must point out that I DO NOT claim to be an expert on any subject, I am simply sharing my views. With that said I welcome you to my blog and I thank you for visiting.



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