Remembering Kerry

Coming up on two years ago a  coworker & friend passed away. His name was Kerry. At the time I don’t think we expected his passing to have the impact it did. But we continue to talk about him to this day. We have hired other people since his then and I will sometimes find myself talking to them about him without realizing they were not working with us at the time.

Kerry had been known to go above and beyond the call of duty when it came to handling certain situations and this did not always go over well. We would become concerned over how he handled these very situations. But as those of us who had the honor of working with him look back on it, we realize that Kerry meant well.

Kerry had a great sense of humor and it was easy to make him laugh. He also had an eye for the ladies and many of us loved to tease him about some of the women who walked in. That would always make him smile and of course laugh.

He was also a bit of a ham. You see I had taken a number of pictures and videos of him. It originally started off as a joke when I took a video of him at work. I showed it to him and began to kid around by telling I would put on the net. But it was never my intention of doing so. To be honest I expected him to object. Yet to my surprise he was all for it. I believe his response was “Do it, do it.” So I did. Eventually I created a DVD of the videos and pictures I took of him, so he could see them for himself.

When I look back at the days I have worked with Kerry, I now realize that Kerry was just being Kerry.


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