Shortwave Radio Listening

I have had an on again off again interest in the radio hobby as a whole.  But it is the shortwave hobby that I want to expand. There was a time when I enjoyed listening to the international broadcast stations, but many of these stations have been hard to come by in recent years. They have either stopped broadcasting to the toward the United States or they are over powered by the stations here in America. I realize that is a given, but the stations here do not interest me.   Because of this issue I find myself looking toward utilities as an alternative. It is something that I find interesting, but I just cannot seem to get going. I can start off listening a few times a week for three weeks or so and than it dwindles away.

I have both of my radios setup in two rooms for me to listen to them and when I am bored the whole day has gone by and I have not listened to either radio. I enjoy being online, but the internet can only do so much.  So I end up going nowhere until I finally make it a point to tune in and see what I can find on the bands.

Hopefully one of these days I can finally break out of this cycle and focus some more on this area of the hobby.


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