Telemaggoters 2: No Message Needed

I have been fairly active on a website called 800Notes. It is a message board where people can share their experiences with the unwanted calls they are receiving. Some have figured what operation is behind a number these calls. In that time I have read a number of interesting posts. Some of the more interesting …

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Reflection: A Childhood Friend

Bobby and I have practically known each since we were born. His parents lived in the house across the street from mine. We probably spent everyday together and for the most part we were fairly well behaved. Of course like every child we did get into mischief. But by today's standards, we were angels. One …

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Telemaggoters: My Telemarketer Story

I have had several different phone numbers over the years. In that time I have dealt with all kinds of calls from telemarketers and especially those from collection agencies looking for people I have never heard of. I am not talking about just one phone number. I know it has been at least three. In …

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