Telemaggoters 2: No Message Needed

I have been fairly active on a website called 800Notes. It is a message board where people can share their experiences with the unwanted calls they are receiving. Some have figured what operation is behind a number these calls. In that time I have read a number of interesting posts. Some of the more interesting … Continue reading Telemaggoters 2: No Message Needed



There was a time where I loved going on Facebook. But I have found that it just isn't what it used to be. This could have started when my friend Bobby was talking about leaving. At the time I tried to convince him otherwise. But now I am starting to see things in a different … Continue reading Facebook

Reflection: A Friend From School Since September 1986

This is about my friend Chris that I met in September 1986. I met Chris on the first day of school in 1986. It was my second year at James E Allen and at that time I wasn't exactly thrilled to be there. But to be honest I only had myself to blame for that. … Continue reading Reflection: A Friend From School Since September 1986