Telemaggoters 2: No Message Needed

I have been fairly active on a website called 800Notes. It is a message board where people can share their experiences with the unwanted calls they are receiving. Some have figured what operation is behind a number these calls.
In that time I have read a number of interesting posts. Some of the more interesting ones are by those that complain about both the call itself and the fact that they didn’t leave a message. I understand being curious about who is behind an unwanted call. But I don’t know why anyone would want a message from them. When I get these calls, the last thing I want is a message taking up space on the answering system.
Its like checking your email only to discover several blank spam messages. Are words in an unwanted message that important to people? It isn’t for me.

I used to let these calls get to me and then I realized there are more important things in life. So now I try to look at them in humor. In fact when I am a great mood, I will sometimes answer the call just to play games with their heads. But you should really try to ignore them.

The point here is that unwanted call is just that. Instead of getting upset, try to report the calls to both the FTC & the FCC.  While you are at it, find the humor in it.
After all there really are greater things in life to get upset about.

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