Telemaggoters 3: Unwanted Calls

In my original Telemaggoters post, I spoke about my experiences with unwanted callers. Here I will talk about what I have learned over the years  so you can get a better idea of what to expect.

1) If you are registered with the Do Not Call  ( or DNC) registry and wonder why you are still receiving calls. You should keep in mind there are exptions to the DNC.
a) Companies you have done business with in the past.
b) Signing up with an organization and agreeing to their terms and conditions.  You might might wondering about this one and it is very simple.
Have you ever read those terms and conditions word for word? For all you know you could be be authorizing them to share your contact information.
c) Not for profit or tax exempt organizations.

2) When you are registered with the DNC registry and receive an unwanted you should file a complaint with both the FTC and FCC.

3)  Many of these operations are based overseas and it is nearly impossible to force them to comply with the DNC registry and other laws. 

4) Don’t rely on the information that appears on caller id. The numbers are often faked. In the past these con artists used numbers that were out of service. Now it appears they are using any given number.

5) Ignore the numbers that are unfamiliar to you.  Answering will tell them that you are willing to entertain them in some way shape or form.

6) These operations use software that will dial a number at random.

7)  Do not press any numbers with a call that has an automated message. Especially if they offers to add your number to their do not call list. Doing so will only increase the calls.

8) Do not rely on any caller that claims to be from Microsoft.

9) Not all all charities are legitimate. In fact I as far as I am concerned the vast majority that do call are bogus. They often use names that are similar to other organizations.

10) Consider getting a number through Google Voice and use it when registering with a new service or buying something online.
There is no charge for Google Voice and the service allows to block certain callers. Not to mention that it can be linked to your other telephone numbers and you can even schedule when you want to receive calls.

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