In Memory of Rob II: Loking Back

As I look back at our childhood I have been able to recall some of our moments in life. Although we started to drift apart in our later teen years, I am thankful that I have that these moments to look back on. Since he has been gone I have found myself doing this off and on. Though I was doing quite a bit of it when I first received the news. It’s interesting to see just how many memories have come back to me and I only I had a pen and paper to take some notes when they do. I almost wish that we had today’s technology available to us back in the 80’s. I can just imagine how many pictures that we could have taken of our moments in childhood.
Thankfully I do have a picture of a moment that took place in my mothers backyard that I have come to call.

Our Close Encounters With the Bird Kind
We must have been raking leaves for my mother when we came across a bird. I must have gotten excited cause I ran inside to get the camera in order to take some pictures. From what I recall we were able to pick up the bird and pet it. We took some pictures and eventually went back to what we were doing.
But that was not our only bird encounter. The other took place while we were in his parents backyard when we came upon this bird. If I am not mistaken it was somewhere in the vicinity of the what might have been his clubhouse. When we discovered the bird we decided to approach it. We squatted down in order to get a closer look. I remember that the bird chirping away. It wasn’t long before we heard what sounded like a lot of birds. One or both of us looked over to the tree in my yard to see all of these birds that seemed to be looking directly at us. We looked at each other and realized that something didn’t feel right. So we got up and walked away. I only wish we had pictures of this encounter as we did with the other.

Snow Job
We were outside when he came up with what must have sounded like an ingenious idea at the time that involved this red saucer slide he had. How I let him talk me into this I will never know. Anyway on this one winter day we decided that it would be fun to take some of the snow on the ground and put into a huge pile in front of my mothers bedroom window in order to use the slide to go down the roof and onto the pile of snow. I seem to recall that he went first and told me that it was fun. I must have figured that if he could do it then I could I. So I went around back to get to the roof. I walked up the first half, once I got to the top I got on the sled and down I went. I landed on the pile of snow and hurt my leg. I got up limping in pain and laughing at the same time. Thankfully I managed to walk it off. Looking back I now realize that this was a really DUMB idea. I mean think about. It’s winter and with winter comes cold and with cold comes ice. For all we know the sled could have gone in another direction and totally missed the our target.

Rain, Rain Go Away
On what seemed like a dismal rainy summer day I found myself whining to my dad about the weather. I guess I was bored because I wanted to be outside. So my father suggested that I put my bathing suit on, grab a bar soap and take a shower. I loved his idea so much that I decided to pick up the phone in order to tell him about it. The next thing you know we dancing around in the street taking a shower in the rain. Where my father came up with this one I will never know. But then again he did have an offbeat sense of humor.

Where Does That Waterfall Go
We grew walking distance from this lake that was at the end of my block. At the end of the lake was a waterfall which lead to a creek that flowed under a parkway. The two of us wondered where that creek lead to. So one day we decided to set out on a journey see where it went. But we had one huge obstacle standing in our way and that was a parkway. So what did we do? We decided to run across when there was a break in the traffic.
After we made across in one piece we continued on. We came to the point where we had to get across the creek. Rob told me to jump over, but I was afraid to do that. There I was having just run across a busy parkway and I was afraid to jump across a small creek! I believe I was worried that I would get my feet wet, sigh. So he suggested that we take some branches to put across the creek to help get me over. We went a short distance and decided to end this journey. On our walk home we came we ran into a couple of girls and started talking to them. I guess in an effort to try and impress them we told them that we had run away from an orphanage. I am almost positive that I was the rocket scientist that came up with that one.
Some time after that we decided to take another journey in an effort to go further than we did the first time. Once again we ran across that parkway. We continued on following the creek further than we did before. As we were walking along the creek a man from an adjacent yard happen to notice us and asked what we were doing. We told him about our journey to follow the waterfall. As we were talking, we happened to notice an animal moving around and the gentleman told us that it was a muskrat. We continued walking until we came up to a road and decided it was time to head home. I seem to recall that we had the intention to take yet another journey in the hopes of going even further. But for whatever reason or another that moment never came to be. There is still a part of me that would be willing to accomplish that goal if we were to ask me today. Unfortunately the waterfall has since been closed up. Nonetheless I think I would still do it just to see how far we get.

Rob’s Tent
Rob told me that he wanted to got buy a tent at a store we called Consumers. Rather than ask one of his parents or my mother to take us, we decided to use our bicycles to get there. We rode down this fairly busy highway near us which had an exit to the road which this store was located. We bought the tent and rode our way back. We spent a number of nights in that tent. I didn’t really didn’t sleep all that well the first time and I think I thought the ground was uncomfortable. On the next occasion Rob helped me out by putting down a couple of sleeping bags to make it more comfortable. It helped, but I am not 100% sure I slept all that better. On one or more occasions we spent a night in the tent so I could help him deliver the Sunday paper.

Other Moments in Time
Rob and I loved Entenmann’s Filled Chocolate Chip Crumb cake. Wile he was visiting me one day, we decided to slice a couple of pieces in order to sit at the table and eat with our faces.
On another occasion Rob came up with the idea of shoving paper into the coin return of a payphone at supermarket near by in order to return collect all the change.
This seemed such a great at the time. But when we returned a day or so later, we discovered that the paper was gone.
I cannot tell you the number of arguments the two of got into as kids.
We would scream at each other and insist that we would talk again, only to find ourselves calling each minutes later.
Our yards ran adjacent to one another. Sometimes Rob would climb over his the fence by holding on to a branch in the tree I mentioned earlier to help him get to other side. His dad eventually installed gate between our two yards which made it a lot easier.
When his youngest sister was born we would sometimes throw ourselves on the floor of her room in an effort to get her to laugh when she was crying and times she would. Looking back I cannot help wondering if she was only laughing simply because we looked like fools.
In our mid teens Rob asked if I wanted to buy a Honda Spree from somebody he knew and I agreed. We took it up to the school at the end of my block to take for a ride in the back. While I was riding it, I managed to hit the breaks and go flying over the handlebars and on to the grass. I think I got up and just laughed at myself. I don’t know whatever came of the motor scooter and never did think to ask.

These are just a handful of the moments that we shared together. Some were crazy and others were funny. But they are moments I will always carry with me.



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