800Notes: Time to Move On

Up until July of this year I had been a fairly active participant on a website called 800notes. Unfortunately things started going downhill after a change of hands. Up until that point posts by trolls and or shills were removed within a reasonable amount of time. But since then things started to deteriorate and very little improvement was made. On more than one occasion I tried to limit the time I spent on the site with little success.  Before July the longest I had been away was about a month. However I finally decided that enough was enough. It was my original intention to return sometime in December. But since I have been using this bog to report the calls from unfamiliar or suspicious numbers instead of 800notes, I have found that I may postpone my return indefinitely. I will continue use 800notes as a research tool, but I do not see myself sharing this information with the site anytime soon. Besides I registered this domain name in the hope that I would make better use of this blog. It took a few months, but it looks like I have found a use for it.
Until next time.