NFL & Kneeling Players During the National Anthem 

As many are aware several NFL players have been kneeling during the National Anthem. When this first originally made the news I was pissed. But then I learned to accept and moved forward.  As I look back I have come to to realize that there are so many things for me to be upset about and I’d like to share them with you. 

  1. Will I make the bus that will get to the mall
  2. Will I hear the name of somebody I know on the scanner today.
  3. Will ever bring back their Cheddar Melt burger that hasn’t been available since 1989
  4. Should I get an iced coffee with my meal 
  5.  Why did Ben & Jerry’s stop making White Russian ice cream
  6. Will a purple people eater make me their midnight snack 
  7. Why didn’t my PC crash at 12:00 AM on January 1, 2001
  8. When the heck is Pathmark going to reopen ( I don’t believe they are really out of business)
  9. When is the National Hurricane Center going to name a tropical cyclone after Chewbacca
  10. When will TV/sports networks start airing college rugby, dammit I wanna see my nephew take the field on national television 
  11. When are rotary telephones hitting the market
  12. How many telemaggoters will call today
  13. Why did I crawl around in the in the back of my elementary school classroom when I was supposed home sick
  14. Why did Rob and I go sledding off the roof of my mom’s house
  15. Why do I get wet when it rains
  16. Better yet, why do I get went when I take my shower
  17. Why do cable companies have gaps in their channel lineups
  18. Does Eddy Grant know how to get to ‘Electric Ave’ from here
  19. Will the earth be invaded be gang of aliens from the planet Oxnardia
  20. What solar system is the planet purple located in
  21. Where to flying toasters live
  22. How many personal injury lawyer commercials will I see on TV today
  23. Am I the only one that wants to visit Wally World
  24. Why did Chris have to call at 2:00 AM to ask me about Star Trek
  25. Who the hell is the other kid up in the tree next to my childhood best friend Bobby in that picture that was taken in 1980

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